About The Designer

My Bio


I am delighted that you are here! My name is Linda Murray and I am a professional Graphic Designer with over 20+ years experience in print design.

I have worked for both small businesses and large corporations, where I had tons of hands on experience and learned about the “fine art” of printmaking. Apart from my scrapbooking, clipart and paper designs, I also design print materials such as logos, brochures, business cards and more!

My inspiration comes from children’s books, nursery rhymes, kid’s art and also birthday parties!!

Since I was a girl I was always busy with some kind of art project. I love just sitting down and having an idea come to life. I absolutely love design and can’t possibly think of anything else I would rather do. I specialize in clip art and digital paper design.

I love to create for creative people, LIKE YOU and to provide design resources that can be used to help you with your own creative products and gifts.

Got questions? Feel free to email me at myclipartstore@gmail.com

(Regret, I am not available for custom orders at this time, but I welcome all suggestions!) 

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